Frequently Asked Questions

  • AutoPay is the easiest! Our staff can set this up for you using any debit card or bank account.
  • Or you can pay online at www.adonisautogroup.com
  • By phone using any credit or debit card at 817-633-7008, option 1.
  • In person at our branch with cash, card, or money order.

  • We offer a $100 referral credit for every friend or family member you send to us as a customer!
  • This credit is given on your account when the new customer makes their first payment.

  • Yes! We report all payments to TransUnion. On-time car payments are a proven way to raise your credit score.

  • We can help you fix it! There’s no need to go anywhere else.
  • Simply call 817-633-7008, option 2.
  • If the mechanical issue is covered under your service contract, you will only pay the $100 deductible.
  • If it’s not a covered item, we can still complete the repair and break the cost into smaller payments for you!

  • Communicate with us! We can help you retrieve the vehicle and get you driving again.
  • We can even finance the impound charges for you.

  • There is no grace period at Adonis. Our program is designed to help customers improve their credit, and only on-time
    payments achieve this goal.
  • This system works like a pre-paid cell phone. Just like a phone will stop working once you run out of minutes, your
    car will disengage if payment is not posted to your account by the due date.
  • Once you post payment, the satellite system will send a signal to re-engage your starter & you should be good to go!
  • If your account is paid current but the car won’t start, please give us a call and we can help you. 817-633-7008, option 1.

  • CP is NOT liability coverage. You must still maintain basic liability insurance to comply with state law.
  • CP protects you up to the full amount of the car note in the event of an accident. You can add CP to your account at
    any time (CP payments typically range from $78-130 per month).
  • To opt out of the CP program, you must provide full-coverage insurance with $500 deductibles and Adonis Financial
    listed as the lienholder. We will ask for a copy of your declaration page.

  • Let us know about your new job and send us paperwork documenting the change.
  • With manager approval, we can change your car payment dates to match your new pay schedule ONLY after the
    account is paid on the original due date AND we receive all documentation from you.

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